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About Our NICU


At the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance, we understand that many parents feel anxious when their baby is admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Initially, it may feel unsettling or even scary. But rest assured, our team of physicians, nurses and other caregivers in the NICU at the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance will do their best to provide emotional support for you while caring for your infant’s medical needs.


While we pride ourselves on providing exceptional health care, we invite you to ask questions. We know that it's important you understand every aspect of your child's medical condition and the NICU staff is prepared to answer your questions. Our team consists of health care professionals who are here to care for your baby and support you. You're an essential part of your baby’s care and we encourage you to visit as often as possible to hold, touch, talk to and take care of your baby (as his or her condition allows).


With equipment designed for infants and a hospital staff that has professional training in newborn care, the NICU at the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance was created for the most medically fragile newborns requiring subspecialized treatment. Our NICU is an evidenced based Level III ICU is designed to assist with your baby’s healthcare treatment and development. With 63 beds, our unit cares for more than 1,200 babies each year. Neonatologists diagnose and treat medical conditions in newborns, coordinate the medical care and management of premature and critically ill infants, and provide care to newborns during complicated deliveries. They have the training to treat even the smallest infants.

Our NICU has a variety of amenities for the comfort and convenience of families, including:

  • Family education and family conference room
  • Prenatal Consultation Room
  • NICU Library
  • Rooming-In Rooms
  • NICU Parent Resource Room
  • Lactation Room and Lactation Support Services
  • Prayer Room
  • Bereavement Room
  • March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program & Kiosk
  • NICU High-Risk Infant Transition-to-home and Neurodevelopment Follow-Up Program

Why choose the NICU at Women’s Hospital at Renaissance?

Since opening the first hospital in the Rio Grande Valley solely dedicated women’s health services, the NICU at the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance has proven to be a leader in the care of critically ill babies. Our board-certified physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals have received expert training and certification in neonatal intensive care. The team in our NICU is dedicated to providing family-centered care, with parents playing a vital role in the team. To ensure each baby receives the best possible care tailored to his or her needs, parents are encouraged to participate in the care and decision-making process and openly communicate with their baby’s physician.


The program has been recognized by the Vermont Oxford Network as being in the top 5% of all neonatal intensive care units in the nation. For the majority of complications caused by prematurity–– chronic lung disease, intraventricular hemorrhage, necrotizing enterocolitis, and retinopathy of prematurity–– our NICU ranks among the top 1% in the world.

Family Support and Resources During a NICU Stay

Family Resources Overview

It is our goal at the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance (WHR) to provide world-class health care and the best patient-experience possible. We encourage families to express their needs and ideas for additional resources that can benefit them and other families in the future.


Feel at Home

There are multiple lounges located throughout the Women’s Hospital at Renaissance that parents and families can utilize during their baby’s stay in our NICU. The lounges are outfitted with comfortable chairs, TVs and vending machines. On the first floor of WHR is the cafeteria, which offers buffet style and grilled dining selections as well as a salad bar, soup of the day, fresh fruit and grab-and-go options.


Some additional resources include:

• Rooming-in Rooms

• Private Lactation Rooms

• Vending machines

• Gift shop


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