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The Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Research Institute was created in 2014 with the goal of bringing the latest and most innovative therapies and treatment regimens to the Rio Grande Valley. Through the Institute, our goal is to encourage greater participation in clinical trials among our community and underrepresented populations. Incorporating biomedical research with the top quality health care already provided by Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System will catalyze future life-saving cures and innovations, developed right here in our community.


  • Evaluation of Human Milk Fortifiers in Preterm Infants: A study to assess the growth of preterm infants fed with human milk supplemented with one or two commercially available human milk fortifiers.


  • Omegaven: Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to become an intermediate site for the use of Omegaven, a potentially lifesaving treatment made with fish oil. Omegaven can both prevent liver inflammation and liver failure in preterm infants and can also heal the damaged preterm liver after exposure to prolonged conventional intravenous fat.


  • RSV Vaccine Study: Researchers at DHR are study that is testing a new medication to see how effective it is at preventing lung disease caused by Respiratory Syncytical Virus (RSV) in premature babies.  The virus can make infants very sick, including a cough, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, ear infections, pneumonia and bronchitis. The study is intended for babies who were born at 29-35 weeks gestation, are otherwise healthy and have not yet had RSV.


  • MOD Big 5 Prenatal Steroid Administration Study:


For more information regarding clinical research trials being performed at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, please visit the Research Institute at Renaissance website.

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