Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Your Role in the Care of Your Child



Every baby in our NICU is unique and is treated as such by our team of healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to creating individualized care plans that are specific to each baby and family. We understand the vital role family members play in the care of the baby and encourage family members to provide input when creating treatment plans.


What is Family Centered Care?

To give each baby the best opportunity for a full and timely recovery, we invite family members to provide their insight as we collaborate to determine a treatment plan. As partners in our family-centered care approach, we incorporate each familyís values and beliefs.

Our goal is to provide care that is delivered to our patients in timely and efficient manner while also being flexible and adhering to the wishes of family members. The Womenís Hospital at Renaissance and the NICU team are focused on coordinating the care, treatment and follow up for all patients.


Skin-to-Skin Contact

There are many benefits of skin-to-skin contact for the parents and baby. It can enhance the relationship between parents and their baby during the babyís first days, weeks and even months after birth.


Breastfeeding and Lactation

The Womenís Hospital at Renaissance is dedicated to supporting your breastfeeding needs and provides all the support necessary to get you and your baby off to a good start before going home. While some babies in the NICU may not be able to breastfeed right away, we encourage mothers to utilize the resources at the Womenís Hospital at Renaissance to pump and use their milk to bottle feed their baby.


Getting Involved and Asking Questions

The Womenís Hospital at Renaissance offers a large variety of resources for parents and family members of patients in our NICU. Our accommodating staff is more than willing to answer questions and assist you in accessing resourcesóbe it medical, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or other. They can also recommend additional resources that are available through our community partner organizations and those in the surrounding area.

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